Chad-o-Chef Gas units

Chad-O-Chef was established in 1983. Over the years their Gas-Grills have been perfected through research and development, inspired by being sensitive to customers needs. Chad-o-Chef has a strict code of ethics based on honesty, in dealing with customers and suppliers, who have helped them to achieve a firm foothold in the market. They also offer grills in both LP Gas and Natural Gas options.
We are proud to supply a quality product with a full guarantee and a comprehensive spares backup. Join the thousands who have already discovered the magic of Chad-O-Chef. Home cooking will never be the same!

The Chad-o-Chef range is available as Table Top units (Sizzlers), Drop-in Units (Hobs) and Built-in Braais. They have 4 standard sizes: 3, 4, 5 & 6 Burners.


De Luxe 5Burner Entertainer

De Luxe 5B Entertainer


The Deluxe Entertainer

The Deluxe Entertainer boasts a built-in Rotisserie, welcoming the most tender leg of lamb to the crispiest duck. 
A built-in light-fitting with convenient switches placed on the side panel allows you to monitor precisely when your meat is ready to be served up to your guests. 
The Deluxe Entertainer's doors mount flush with the wall giving it a seamless and beautiful finish when you're finished braaiing. 

The Deluxe Entertainer comes in 3 sizes to suit anyone's entertainment needs.


  • De Luxe 4B Entertainer
    De Luxe 4Burner Entertainer
  • De Luxe Entertainer 5B title=
    De Luxe 5Burner Entertainer
  • De Luxe 6B Entertainer
    De Luxe 6Burner Entertainer
Entertainer 6 Burner

6Burner Entertainer


Entertainer Built-in Braai with Warmer Tray

This is the ideal braai for your entertainment area. The elegant stainless steel housing provides the perfect setting for your Chad-O-Chef gas grill. While you're cooking, the Entertainer's door doubles as a convenient table to use as you sizzle up a storm.

The Deluxe Entertainer comes in 3 sizes to suit anyone's entertainment needs.


  • 4B Entertainer
    4Burner Entertainer
  • 5B Entertainer
    5Burner Entertainer
  • 6B Entertainer
    6Burner Entertainer

Sizzler Gas Grill

Chad-o-chef sizzler


Sizzler Gas Braai & Grill

The Sizzler Gas Braai can be used as a free standing or built-in grill. Transform your built-in Charcoal braai to gas, or a combination of both. This grill comes complete with Hot Rocks or Radiants, a dust cover and is ready to connect to a gas bottle. All accessories are available for this model. It is also available in Natural Gas. 


  • 3 Burner Sizzler
    3 Burner Sizzler
  • 4 Burner Sizzler
    4 Burner Sizzler
  • 5 Burner Sizzler
    5 Burner Sizzler
  • 6 Burner Sizzler
    6 Burner Sizzler
Hob Grill

Chad-o-Chef Gas Hob Grill


Gas Hob Grill

If you're looking for a streamlined grill that blends in with your existing entertainment area, then the Chad-O-Chef Hob grill is precisely what you need.
This unit is dropped into your counter top for a sleek, stylish look. A hinged stainless steel cover cleanly hides your grill away when you're done enjoying that great steakhouse taste.

This unit requires sufficient ventilation into the cabinet housing the unit.

For Indoor use please also see our Extractor Systems
3 Year Guarantee on all working parts. 


  • 3 Burner Hob Grill
    3 Burner Hob Grill
  • 4 Burner Hob Grill
    4 Burner Hob Grill
  • Rotisserie Domes
    Rotisserie Domes
    All sizes to fit Sizzlers and Hobs
  • Griller Hoods (Extractor)
    Griller Hoods



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